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About us

Nugnes winery was born in 2002 from an ancient tradition of winemakers, starting from Orlando Nugnes, becoming then a real and true making wine reality with his son Antonio, the grandson Orlando and the precious collaboration of Mr. Saverio Pennacchio. The products’ excellence, the manifested professionality in managing the company have been able to transform a simple vineyard into a pure example of mastery, innovation and fine quality.

In a simple wine glass, you can discover the preciosity of ancient tastes that the dedication and daily passion safeguards day by day…

the taste of a sunny land, the fruity and intense scent of the past that powerfully returns with its wonderful wisdom and knowledge, adding a fascinating touch of preciosity that leaves, by a simple sip, an incredible sense of fullness and infinite pleasure. The whole is enriched by warm and inviting colours of a nectar without precedent, in addition to an endless attention for the tradition. Passion, therefore, but also fervour, hard work, accuracy and professionality that have been able to make the difference in the varied and competitive world of the Italian wine houses.

The Land

The mild weather, the fertile land rich of volcanic elements, and the pleasant sun of Campania participate and enrich the wines of intense and delicate perfumes. And it is here that Falerno del Massico acquires all the characteristics that gave it in 1986 the Controlled Origin Classification (DOC).

A wonderful mix between a noble land and a making wine company that works, since years, in the full knowledge of its grapes’ preciosity. The whole is enriched by the passion and talent of who works every day and has done of his work a real mission: the one to bring in the world a product of high quality, a whole Italian example of expertise, experience and passionate dedication.

The Mission

Tradition and technology, respect for the nature but also innovation.

This is Nugnes reality today. A perfect combination of modernity and tradition, priceless result of over-10-years experience that uses, however, the most polished research instruments today available. Only from the union of these two factors, it may be born a product that represents a real and true cultural and culinary heritage of the South of Italy where the experience and knowledge of the past are mixed to a continue improvement of the used standards, by securing, day by day, a wine capable to make the difference.

The Wines


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